Working from Home


Working from Home – Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy


Tip 1 - Stick to a Routine

I know we all love a duvet day, staying in the Pjs and sitting on the couch, sounds great but day after day it will really reduce your physical and mental health. The first tip for working at home is to stick to a routine

-         Set your Alarm for Monday to Friday – get up, get showered, get dressed and do your hair etc.

-         Make your bed everyday – sounds silly, but it’s a simple and easy task to complete everyday and we’re in strange and unfamiliar times, so if you do have a bad or stressful day, isn’t it lovely to get into a nice freshly made bed at the end of it!

Tip 2 – Work Spaces

Try to find a designated work space away from your cooking and living space. Separating your Home and Work life will be key to striking a healthy balance. If you aren’t in a position to fully separate the two, then make sure at the end of your day to tidy away the work space to make sure it’s not staring you in the face all evening.

Tip 3 – Nutrition is Key

We’ll all have heard the saying that you can’t out train a bad diet. When our ability to leave the house is more limited than we’re used to, this saying has never been truer. Some tips to help with your nutrition at home are

-         Stick to planned breaks and mealtimes, try to reduce snacking on extra cakes, sweets or biscuits. If you normally have an 11am cuppa, stick to that!

-         Plan your lunch in advance and meal prep it if possible

-         Try to focus on real/fresh foods rather than convenience foods

-         If possible, don’t eat where you’re working. Try to keep them separate and use your breaks to switch off from work.

-         Don’t buy Junk food, we all complain when someone brings in sweets on a Monday, but we all eat them! If you have a press full of sweet treats, it’ll be the first place that you go if you’re mind is wandering!

-         Drink plenty of water, a lot of the time when we feel hungry, we’re slightly dehydrated so keep the water topped up. Try limit the amount of Caffeine you’re drinking too.

Tip 4 – Be Social

We’re social animals by nature, we crave interactions with friends, family and colleagues on a regular basis. At the moment, while things are out of routine, technology can help to keep us connected socially. If you normally take a coffee break with a colleague, why not call them for a chat at your regularly scheduled break, if you’ve followed Tip 1 you could even try a video call on Whatsapp or Zoom

Tip 5 – Don’t sit all day

You’ll probably have heard people say that constant sitting is as bad for your health as smoking, I’m not sure how true that is but there are plenty of studies that say sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health. When we’re in the office we’re up and back to photocopiers, the kitchen and colleagues’ desk. The tendency at home is to spend all day at the laptop and sit for long periods. This will make us stiff, sore and less mobile

-         Try to take movement breaks every 30 minutes, a 2 minute walk around the house, garden or to get a glass of water will keep you active

-         Chair Yoga, simple stretching movements are also good to maintain good posture and spinal health when working from home

Tip 6 – Lunchtime Routine

Selfcare is more important than ever at this time, often when working we take a quick lunch or eat at our desk, when working from home it is really important to make your lunch your break!

-         Go for a short walk if possible

-         Read a newspaper online

-         Do an at home workout – The Digifit Series below has a range of homework outs

-         Do a spot of Yoga or Meditate

Essentially, make time for yourself as much as you can

Tip 7 – Finish Up and Tidy Up

Try to finish at your normal time each day, turn off your laptop/phone and tidy away your work area. When we work from home, we tend to work longer hours and when we couple this with limited ability to go outside and socialise this can have a negative impact on our mental health

-         Schedule your finish time each day

-         If you are working in the evening due to kids etc make sure to take that time back during the day

-         Clean your work space, especially if not able to separate it from your cooking/living area

Tip 8 – Working and Kids

Kids will play havoc with working productively from home. We’re all adjusting to this new normal, that includes the kids too, so if the odd day goes belly up, chalk it off, move on and enjoy the time with them. We don’t get time back so make the most of it. If you’re the boss, be cognisant of this too, everyone’s home circumstances are different so try be flexible when you can.

Tip 9 – Don’t forget to talk

These are unprecedented times, we’re out of our normal routines, some of us are double jobbing as teachers or carers so make sure to check in with each other. In times like this when we can’t be physically in each other’s company it’s more important than ever to speak regularly to each other

-         Check in with Colleagues daily

-         If you’re finding the adjustments hard, chances are they are too

-         Support each other and be as flexible as possible with how we work

Tip 10 – Separate Work and Home Jobs

We love routine, we thrive when we have a sense of normality. How do you keep things feeling somewhat normal at a time like this? One thing I’ve found helpful is keeping the big house jobs that have been on ‘the list’ for the weekends, so if you have some painting, DIY or gardening to do, try keep it to the weekend so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment from your weekend and the days won’t all mould into a blur!

Last modified: Thursday, 23 April 2020, 4:07 PM