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Site: Healthy Fingal Learning Portal
Course: Fingal Skills
Book: Skills
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Date: Thursday, 24 June 2021, 8:25 PM

Balance on One Leg (Arms Out)

Balance on One Leg (Arms Up)

Ball Bouncing

Ball Striking (Hand)

Bunny Hop Skipping


Football Tennis


Jog on the Spot Skipping

Keep Uppies

Punt Kick (1 Bounce)

Punt Kick (No Bounce)

Reactions (Push the Button)

Reactions Punt Kick (Irish & Maths)

Reactions Punt Kick (Numbers)

Short Passing

Skipping in 3's

Skipping in Pairs

Skipping on One Leg

Solo (Alternate Feet)

Solo (Run & Bounce)

Target Practice (Kicking)

Target Practice (Throwing)

Throw Catch Overhead

Throw Clap Catch (1 Clap)

Throw Clap Catch (Many Claps)

Throw Clap Catch (Skills)

Throwing & Catching (2 Hands / 1 Hand)