What is Powerchair Football? 

Powerchair Football is a mixed gender team sport played by wheelchair users. The role of the AIPF is to organize social and competitive playing opportunities for players and their families, ensuring that the sport is as acessible as possible for all that want to take part.

Our players are the heart and soul of the sport and their participation and perfomrnaces match the same levels of sporting excellence of any other sport or athlete. Their experiences of muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, quadroplegia and other conditions bring them together, building community and purpose around a shared love of sport.

Played on an indoor court, matches consist of two teams of four players and a ball, replete with skill, strategy and passion , much like regular football.

Operating under the remit of the international governing body Federation International De Powerchair Football ( FIPFA) headquartered in Paris, France, the global game operates with standardised rules and adheres to an established constitution. Currently, around two dozen countries have teams involved in the sport.

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) has been a long standing partner of Powerchair Football and the AIPF for many years under the 'Football for All Program

Teams in Fingal 

M&F United are the Team in Fingal for more information on their training and games follow the link below